Anywhere Cart AC-Lite

Front-loading 30 Device Charging Cart.

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Laptop Carts

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ECE - 12+

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  • screenshot 30 Bay - Anywhere Cart AC-Lite - Compatible with Chromebooks, iPads, Android, and Laptop Devices - The AC-LITE is designed to charge and store 30 Chromebooks or tablets. It features a Basic Charging System with 2 power cords, 4 Directional Locking Wheels and Removable Device Dividers.

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(Please only use this link for further information and product specifications. To actually purchase the item, see information in the section below.)

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Laptop Carts

Vendor Information :

DHE (#9644)
Contact Name: Gregg Fisher
Phone: 303-290-6050
Comments: Lenovo Chromebook, Windows Computer


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Paid : $769.00

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Composite DPS Approval : Supported
DoTS Approval : District Supported

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FERPA Approval : Not Applicable
ARE Recommendation : Not Applicable
Career Connect Recommendation : Not Evaluated
Educational Technology Recommendation : Approved

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