hugsThe Academic Technology Menu is a resource for school leaders and teachers to let them know what software, websites, apps and other technology solutions are available and have been reviewed by district departments. It also informs school leaders and teachers about which solutions are supported and recommended and to what level. School leaders and teachers are encouraged to consult this menu whenever they are considering academic technology tools. The Menu is also an integral part of the district's Academic Technology Strategic Plan.

Devices and Hardware : 45 Total Solutions

The Devices & Hardware section of the Academic Technology Menu is designed to provide pricing information for recommended and supported devices. Items not listed may need additional consultation or review to validate the functionality in our district environment. Consumer-priced devices may not meet district standards and should not be purchased.

While efforts are made to keep pricing information current, these prices are not guaranteed from vendors. You will need to contact vendors to generate quotes with current pricing. Contact information for each vendor is listed in the Vendor Contact List as well as in the details for each product.

When ordering from Dell and Apple, you will need to create a web quote. Your web quote number needs to be included on your requisition. If you need assistance in generating a web quote, please contact the DoTS Hotline:,, or call x33888.

Additional Purchasing Information- DPS Strategic Sourcing Dept. : includes links to additional pricing for AV CEPC state awarded bids for more information on LCD projectors, mounting projectors, installation of digital signage, and other AV related products.

Printer Pricing Information

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Solutions by Subcategory :

(4 solutions)

Examples: Samsung Chromebook (XE500C13-K02US), Lenovo N23, Dell Chromebook 11 TOUCH, etc.

Classroom Audio Systems
(10 solutions)

Examples: Lightspeed FlexCat Classroom Audio System FC-3, Lightspeed FlexCat Classroom Audio System FC-5, Lightspeed Redcat Classroom Audio System RC2-RR, etc.

(2 solutions)

Examples: Apple iMac, Dell Optiplex 3050 Small Form Factor, etc.

Document Cameras
(4 solutions)

Examples: Aver M70, Lumens DC193, Aver F50, etc.

(0 solutions)

Examples: etc.

Interactive Whiteboards & Accessories
(7 solutions)

Examples: Mimio MimioPad, Mimio MimioTeach, Epson Projectors, etc.

Laptop Carts
(1 solutions)

Examples: Cart Comparison Matrix, etc.

(8 solutions)

Examples: Dell Latitude 7280 (12.5") Quick Ship, Dell Latitude 5480 (14"), Apple MacBook Pro, etc.

Library System Resources
(2 solutions)

Examples: Epson TM-T88V , Honeywell Voyager MS9540, etc.

(1 solutions)

Examples: Epson Projectors, etc.

(7 solutions)

Examples: Dell Latitude 5285, Apple iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab S3, etc.