Illuminate DnA

screenshotIlluminate DnA is an instructional management tool that provides teachers with one place to seamlessly build and administer formative assessments as well as capture and analyze multiple sources of data to inform instruction. This tool is available to ALL schools and teachers, although only schools that select this as an "opt-in" option will receive access to pre-built assessments in Illuminate, and the support of an assessment specialist. Teachers and schools can access a CCSS aligned item bank (Key Data Systems) and build interims or formative assessments. Comprehensive state, district and local assessment reporting is available at the individual student, classroom or school level.

Resource Overview
Resource Support & Integration

Approval & Recommendation Guidance :

Composite DPS Approval : Supported
FERPA Approval : Approved
Curriculum Recommendation : Not Applicable
ARE Recommendation : District Supported
ELA Recommendation : Not Evaluated
Accessibility Rating : Not Evaluated

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