screenshotSchoology is Denver Public School’s Learning Management System or “LMS” for teachers and students. Schoology is available on any device and has an easy to use, collaborative interface. It provides a dynamic digital teaching and learning environment; which will be used to deliver digital courses and store and share curricular materials, and provide access to all DPS adopted curriculum. Students will engage in assignments, discussions, learning activities and receive personalized instruction. Teachers will have the opportunity to collaborate with students and provide immediate, personalized feedback. Teachers will also join a large community of educators in DPS and all over the world to share resources and collaborate.

Resource Overview
Resource Support & Integration

Approval & Recommendation Guidance :

Composite DPS Approval : Supported
FERPA Approval : Approved
Curriculum Recommendation : Approved
ARE Recommendation : Approved with Cautions
ELA Recommendation : Not Evaluated
Accessibility Rating : Not Evaluated

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