Infinite Campus

screenshotInfinite Campus is a web-based Student Information System where teachers, school leaders, parents and students have access to student information from anywhere at any time. Infinite Campus offers a suite of integrated tools used to simplify the classroom environment and personalize instruction. Teacher use Denver Public Schools’ adopted Student Information System to access student demographic information, contact information, attendance, online grade book, and class schedules. Teacher can also use Infinite Campus to communicate with parents using its electronic messaging capability. School leaders can use it to access student immunization information, student information, reports, and ELL tracking. Leaders can also use Infinite Campus to review classroom practices. Parents access this information for their students on the Parent Portal allowing them to partner in their child’s success.

Resource Overview
Resource Support & Integration

Approval & Recommendation Guidance :

Composite DPS Approval : Supported
FERPA Approval : Approved
Curriculum Recommendation : Not Applicable
ARE Recommendation : Not Applicable
ELA Recommendation : Not Applicable
Accessibility Rating : Not Evaluated

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